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Buster The Bridger Mountain Bear

When Gabby Gopher finds Buster the Bear in a meadow with his head stuck in a log, she knows she needs to get her friends' help—and get help fast! When initial attempts to free Buster are unsuccessful, Gabby seeks the advice of the sage Oliver Wendell Owl, III. Oliver quickly makes a plan, but it’s clear they will only get Buster’s head unstuck if all the animals on Bridger Mountain work together as a team. Will the wise old owl’s plan work? You’ll have to join the adventure in order to see if the animals can set Buster free!


Book Review


Heidi S.

5.0 out of 5 stars Such a cute book!

My kids love all the characters in this book and ask to read it every night before bed. The artwork is beautiful, and it's a really cute story.

About the Author

Wayne Edwards was born and raised in the rural, central Montana town of Denton, graduating from high school in 1971. A three-sport high school standout, Edwards attended Montana State University-Bozeman on a football scholarship, receiving his B.S. in Pre-Med in 1975. He then completed his DDS degree from the University of Washington, and returned to Bozeman where he practiced Dentistry until 1986. Wayne then went back to his hometown of Denton, joining his father as a third generation banker at the family-owned agricultural bank started by his grandfather in 1929.



Bozeman, Montana

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