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What Really Happened to Maggie Stone at St. Peter’s Orphanage?

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A Stone's Throw Chapter 6

In this chapter, step into the world of an orphanage with Maggie as she faces the uncertainty of being sent to St. Peter’s Orphanage. Feel the pain of saying goodbye to your home and adapting to a new life under the watchful eye of Sister Mary Francis. As Maggie faces this challenging period in her life, her strength and optimism will motivate you.

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A Stone's Throw

A touching story set in 1969 in San Francisco. When Maggie's mom falls into a coma, she moves from place to place until her estranged grandfather takes her to his Montana ranch. Maggie faces tough new tasks and worries about her mom, but her courage and determination help her find a new home and family.


About the Author

Wayne Edwards, a native of Denton, Montana, began writing upon his retirement in 2019. He published a children's book, Buster the Bridger Mountain Bear, and a novel, Pacer Coulee Chronicles, in 2021. His heartwarming young adult story, A Stone’s Throw, was released in 2024. Wayne and his wife, Lorinda, split their time between Bozeman, Montana, and Cave Creek, Arizona, surrounded by family. Reach him at



Jeff Bailey
author of the highly acclaimed Sing Family Conspiracies

A Stone’s Throw is a superbly crafted and emotionally told Young Adult, coming-of-age story about a girl named Maggie Stone whose life heaves up and pivots off in an unanticipated direction from San Francisco to Montana’s horse country. On reading, I realized a different theme. When a dark cloud covers your world, look for the silver lining. Maggie is instantly likable and seems to be a bit of every girl. I enjoyed A Stone’s Throw and highly recommend this very satisfying read to not only the YA crowd but to adults of all ages. I can easily visualize a TV series based on this wonderful storyline. 


Naomi Roberson, The Word Count

Through skillful storytelling, Wayne Edwards delicately intertwines the innocence of youth with the depth of his protagonist’s intelligence as we watch her navigate distressing life circumstances. A Stone’s Throw tenderly captures the odyssey of growing up, offering a heartwarming narrative that would make an invaluable addition to any educational curriculum.


TowTruck & Wayward Reader

A Stone’s Throw is a heart-achingly beautiful story of a girl’s experiences with loss and love. The protagonist, Maggie, lives with her mother in a small apartment in a working-class neighborhood of San Francisco. Maggie’s mom experiences a severe medical condition that leads to hospitalization. Because of her mother’s condition, Maggie has had to assume certain responsibilities that most twelve-year-old girls don’t even know about. Yet Maggie doesn’t complain about her lot in life and only wants to see her mother healed. With no other parent or guardian around and no idea how long her mother will be hospitalized, Maggie moves in with a family friend. Raising another child in a working-class family is challenging and eventually, the family friend must take Maggie to an orphanage since there is no recovery timeline for Maggie’s mother. Maggie loses the only home she remembers, her way of life, and her mother’s condition isn’t improving.

When Maggie’s grandfather arrives to take Maggie to his home, Maggie doesn’t bemoan her life. She views his arrival as an opportunity to learn about her mother and grandparents. Undoubtedly life on the farm will be vastly different than what she is accustomed to, yet Maggie doesn’t complain, she simply does the work she is asked to do.

A Stone’s Throw highlights the resilience of spirit and the need to feel and give love. Maggie flourishes at her grandfather's farm. A city kid in a country environment could be difficult. Farm kids are used to long days, hard work, and no downtime. Maggie takes the changes in stride. She accepts the opportunity she has been given for a change. She discovers that she loves the farming life. She makes new friends and adapts. It’s not always smooth going for Maggie but she has the positive spirit that everyone needs.

In the character Maggie, Wayne Edwards deftly captures the emotional turmoil and confusion of young adulthood. Maggie is imperfect in all the right ways and her optimism is a positive example for all youth.

On a personal note, I have a niece and two granddaughters who will be receiving this book when it is available. School counselors should find this book helpful when discussing emotions with students. Incorporating it into the curriculum or the YA offerings of the library would be perfect.

Thank you, Wayne Edwards, for allowing me the opportunity to read such a wonderful book in advance of its publication.


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